History of company Activities

Damavand Darou Manufacturing Company was established in 2004. The land of factory is 10200 square meters and the area of infrastructure of manufacturing, installations, administrative and laboratories is almost 2500 square meters.

Main Activities of the company

The subject-matters of the company’s activity are designing and producing pharmaceutical and chemical effective and mediatory materials and selling them, providing the governmental organizations and pharmaceutical & chemical factories with results of studies and research.





Laboratory of Damavand Darou Manufacturing Company(QC)

The ability and capacity of a pharmaceutical company in quality control of the manufactured products is depended upon the executive power of its quality control laboratories. Controlling and measuring the raw materials to the manufactured products shall be related to the efficiency of quality control laboratories.
Quality laboratories include:
1- Physical and chemical controls laboratories
2- Microbiology laboratories
Laboratory control and inspection are performed in five steps:
1- Selection of raw materials provision resource
2- Analyzing the raw materials
3- In-production quality control (IPQC)
4- Final product analysis
5- Sustainability control
Damavand Darou Manufacturing Company examines the efficiency and quality of its products through protecting strongly the trained and experienced personnel including experts, technicians, chemical and microbiological supreme experts and being equipped with the most modern systems used in analysis including HPLC, GC, UV, IR, Karl fisher, Melting point, Polari meter, particle size, titrator, etc., and micro-organisms culturing and identifying, as well as using the latest versions of pharmaceutical and immunological Pharmacopoeia book.